Welcome to M. J. RAAK GmbH

We are pleased to present our new website.

Since M. J. RAAK GmbH has developed into an innovative and versatile company over years, due to the ideas and visions of the owner and managing director of the company Alexander Raak, it is time to equalize the web presence.

What’s new at raak.de?

You see all divisions at a glance.

Quick and easy - you can review not just the established digital print – now DIGITAL2PRINT+, but also the divisions WEB2PRINT+ and IT4PRINT+ , and get an overview of M. J. RAAK GmbH range of services.

For many customers we are known as a digital print company, which is specialized in solutions and has a fast and high-class quality production.

But we can do more. That’s what we will show you with our new website.

The + behind each division symbolizes the excess value we offer!

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