Gerneral management

Alexander Raak – an extraordinary managing director

If you enter the location M. J. RAAK GmbH as a customer, you will sense it directly: the cordial and comfortable working atmosphere.

There is one main reason for the informal/mellow and relaxed atmosphere: Alexander Raak’s attitude towards his company and his opinion of doing business.

He says about himself: I am a very casual person. Sometimes I am asking strange questions. But it is very important for me, to understand my customers and employees, and sometimes that’s the only way.

The company M. J. RAAK GmbH has scaled the heights by this attitude combined with future visions. While other companies of the sector struggle for survival these days, Alexander Raak with his reorientation, which comes along with his intuition of the market has achieved a quite impressive clientele, which affects the company positively.

Customers feel to be in good hands and competently served thanks to the spirit of the company and the leadership of Alexander Raak.

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