The daily business produces a lot of paper. Correspondence, invoices and orders are just a small part of it.

The possibility to generate orders paperless not only safes paper but also offers you an ordering system which is much easier and more comfortable.

Quick order says everything – fast, save and easy to handle.

The principle of quick order is a web-based ordering platform of pick up online orders.


The advantages are obvious:

1.     You save time

Your contact details will be entered immediately and can be corrected online quick and easy at any time.

Once entered the data is available again after login. You don’t need to enter the data again and again.

2.     Your assurance

A clear project classification

Cost centers are clearly defined which makes the billing easier and accurate.

You have a clear differentiation of pick-up orders and online orders.

A new order number will be generated with each order which allows a definite order classification.

The order forms are stored in the system so that they can be printed or taken as invoice verification at any time.

3. You have more options

Your orders are individually configurable.

With the web tracking function you are able to check the order status at any time.

There is a digital order form for pick-up orders and online orders.


If you are interested in quick order you can directly create your account “register now”. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Make your daily business easier – use our quick order system.






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