Printing in the 21st century

Printing in the 21st century

Even the world of printing has been revolutionized by the digital technology. The M. J. RAAK GmbH counts to the pioneers in this section. When digital printing was still in its infancy the M. J. Raak GmbH already produced for the international automotive industry and already at that time at an utmost quality available in the market.

Our customers benefit from this long lasting experience, profound knowledge and the top-class high-performance machinery more than ever before.

The HP machinery (HP Indigo 7600) provides an ultimate printing quality. These are the only digital printing units which are printing with halftone dots and therefore are able to print special colors. It can easily compare with offset printing. Plus the advantage that digital printing is a lot faster and more efficient which the customer can see not only from the cheaper realization of its orders but also from the tailored production.

Safety has been a big issue in recent years. M. J. RAAK GmbH with DIGITAL2PRINT+ is not just a symbol for tested data security but also for reliability of the production process due to the internal switch processes which control the production fully automated.


Your DIGITAL2PRINT+ benefits:

Experience: longtime experience and profound know-how guarantee the best consulting and production of your printing products.

Security: tested data and production security by automated internal processes.

Diversity: printing up to 7 colors, plus special colors. All required paper grades can be printed, plus special materials.

Efficiency: deliver the data in the morning and receive the tailored printing products in the afternoon absolutely cost-effective.

Quality: perfect printing quality in entire run. No deviations and no variation in color.

Individuality: everything is possible in the digital printing: personalization, individualization, modification.


As a market leader with high innovation potential M. J. RAAK GmbH with DIGITAL2PRINT+ symbolizes the printing in the 21st century.

Certainly perfect printing.


If you have any further questions concerning DIGITAL2PRINT+ we look forward to hear from you. Our printing consultants will help you at any time.






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