Our scan offer allows the customer to convert paper archives into file archives. This ranges from CAD drawings, invoices, documents and books, delivery notes, catalogues etc. everything you need constantly but takes up some space as paper format.

We classify and indicate your data - you benefit of optimal reprocessed data, with which you can work and which can be integrated into other data bases.


Your important documentation and valuable knowledge preserved safely on a long-term base.

To guarantee this M. J. RAAK GmbH providesa professional scan service. Our customers’ paper-based inventory drawings will be scanned by our XXL-color scanner, excess width up to 1.42 inches/1.30 m and endless long. It is not important if the drawings are yellowed, folded or torn. Stored on CD-ROM or DVD, perfect image files will be generated, which serve as template for conversion into CAD files, for processing or as a base for economical digital storage.

Our prime-quality scanning at a glance:

  • Scans in b/w, grayscale and color
  • Resolution up to 600 dpi
  • From A3 to A0++ and excess width
  • Output file: tif, jpg or pdf
  • Ideal contrast by background automatic
  • Light control system for delicate templates
  • Process control by integrated viewers
  • Filtering background sounds/snow 


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