Finishing and Dispatch

The finishing means the final stage of production within the printing process. Without the finishing you wouldn’t get an end-product. If cutting, folding, enveloping, stapling or gluing, all passes are parts of the expected and desired product, the customer can hold in his hand.

A lot of products which leave our premises require accurate manual work. Of course we possess the latest machinery nevertheless sometimes they reach a limit.

After the finishing the product reaches the dispatch.

At M. J. RAAK GmbH the dispatch is slightly understated - it is more logistics.

We organize, control and optimize our customers’ the supply process. That includes not only the world wide dispatch but also the storage and administration of the products.

M. J. RAAK GmbH signifies reliable logistic supply for the customer with the relevant products – at the right time - at the right place - at the right quantity.

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