Data security

Security gets more and more important in our digital affected age, especially the data privacy. M.J.RAAK GmbH gives this section top priority.

In the daily business of M.J.RAAK GmbH information security is one of the most important in all sectors. Information security is based on confidentiality, integrity, availability and access security.


Confidentiality: stored data as well as transferred data can only be seen and edited by authorized users.

Integrity: the delivered data may not be changed or edited without customer’s approval. All changes need to be listed permanently.

Availability: the data access has to be granted at any time to a defined period. Also system failures need to be avoided respectively a back-up is compulsory.

Access security: external data access is regulated


By constantly automated logging of all customer related data activities of M.J.RAAK GmbH   it is always possible to show the customer who has worked when and with which data. This is also a considerable part of information security and will be described as accountability.

A further very important part of data security is the IT security: the permanent and secure functionality maintenance of IT systems which are necessary to ensure the information security. As a matter of course the installation of modern safety features like firewall, access protection etc. are basic requirements of M.J.RAAK GmbH.

Above all the constant process control is a further very important component of IT and data security. M.J.RAAK GmbH checks completely automated all processes constantly for functionality and correctness. Abnormalities are visible immediately and after correction they can be integrated back into the “normal process”.


M.J.RAAK GmbH is aware of the responsibility and their customers’ confidence and will do its utmost to guarantee a 100% security for their data at a technologically highest level.

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