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The best references are our satisfied customers! That’s what these customers say, is the best promotion for our company.
That forms confidence and gives a good feeling of safety when choosing the business partner.


“With WEB2PRINT+ we have substantially optimized our processes of creating business cards. Since then, we save so much time and spend it now for all the essential daily business. We are so impressed how perfect that works, that we are taking into account to create an own shop for all our advertising material.” (Sina Lück, Marketing Lück-Gruppe)


“The cooperation with M.J.RAAK GmbH was a lucky choice - Not just the personal base is perfect, but they provide also a 100% performance.

The RAAK-Team has pulled the chestnuts out of the fire for us so many times, we cannot count them anymore… fast, reliable, professional and additionally all with a smile. Can you expect more of a business partner?!”


“The optimization of our IT in cooperation with M.J.RAAK GmbH and their IT4PRINT+-team is outstanding. They are a very friendly and above all a competent team, with a huge expert knowledge and expertness – and all that at an unbeatable price.” (Wolfgang Frotscher, Frotscher Druck)


„In cooperation with M.J.RAAK GmbH we managed to prepare our company perfectly for the future. The ingenious thing about this cooperation is that they advise us always of new development potentialities. A business partner who follows our minds is anything but granted. I am sure, that we can rely on the RAAK-team. We discuss open and above board if something makes sense or not. This promotes the confidence in our partnership.” (Holger Sorg, Geschäftsführer Deutsche Leasingberatung)


“With WEB2PRINT+ we succeeded to totally optimize our internal processes. Our franchisees order directly and effortless in our shop any advertising material they need. Due to this system we safe a lot of time and above all a lot of money here in the general office. We feel confident, that no wrong material will be ordered or delivered. The reliable handling from the production to the accounting is guaranteed so that we are able to care completely for the essentials in our company.” (Schärf, Coffeeshop Company)


“The WEB2PRINT+-team competence is absolutely remarkable particularly with remark to complex processes and the integration of our internal systems. Right from the beginning we had good vibes about it and it has been strongly proven during the past year.”

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