The Advantages of WEB2PRINT+

You have the possibility to save money and time with WEB2PRINT+ by optimizing the processes in your company.

The web-based production of print media is not an innovation anymore, but WEB2PRINT+ is one.

The individual possibilities and the flexibility M. J. Raak GmbH offers with the launch of WEB2PRINT+ since 2012 are unique. WEB2PRINT+ is based on the idea that high class performance can only be offered together with relevant/equivalent know-how. Therefore an expert team exclusively specialized on WEB2PRINT+ works daily on the individual solutions for the customers. IT-specialists, digital media designers and printing technologists merge their knowledge to achieve developments at the highest stage!

Total independency of the platform is a further advantage to the WEB2PRINT+ customers. Instead of depending on certain producers, they have the freedom to choose their own producer. WEB2PRINT+ makes the platform together with the service available completely released from the place of production.

How does that work?

M.J. RAAK GmbH is not a printing company which offers web2print solutions, but an IT company focusing on media. In fact M.J. RAAK GmbH possesses a digital printing company, but the printing is not the central point of service. There is no need to fill up the printing machines with orders. WEB2PRINT+ is an absolutely separate subject, which touches the printing part only peripherally. The advantages are obvious: independence of producers and the knowledge and the ability of an IT company.

No investment costs for pricey software and in-house trainings with WEB2PRINT+.You benefit from the performance and service of a professional in this sector. You decide how and how long you work with WEB2PRINT+.

Entrust the optimization of your communicative devices to the best ones – you are on the save side with WEB2PRINT+

Advantages of WEB2PRINT+:

  • irrespective the production site
  • professional IT-competence
  • automated processes for the production reliability
  • customized solutions
  • full service on demand up to accounting
  • supports interfaces – connection to the customers’ systems
  • “public shop” for the easy access
  • extensive user administration


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